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Building a World Class Safety Program

By automating important but repetitive tasks such as alarm response, vendor escorts and roving audits, Cobalt robots empower your team to focus on serving employees and responding to situations that require empathy and judgment. Cobalt’s services provide a cost-effective way to ensure you maintain business continuity during emergencies, keep employees safe in the workplace, and protect your intellectual property.


Ensuring the safety of organizational assets is paramount. For decades, you have relied on traditional guard companies and integrators to provide Physical Safety services for your facilities. Today, you find yourself paying a premium to accept high turnover, unreliable coverage, and incomplete reporting. Cobalt is the leading Robotic solution provider in the world, helping strengthen safety and facilities programs across industries by analyzing patterns and driving behavioral change. We combine the strengths of human and artificial intelligence to offer better observation and reporting at a more affordable price.

Reduce Liability & Lower Cost

Even the most disciplined employees are prone to complacency over time. Cobalt’s robots never get distracted or bill overtime. By constantly using machine learning, Cobalt robots build a definition of what is normal in your space, escalating all anomalies to a human analyst for resolution. Perfect detection combined with human resolution allows for targeted correct, reducing your liability and continuously improving your safety systems. No unaccounted for fees, straightforward pricing, and flexibility to scale based on your need defines your experience with Cobalt. You determine your service level, covering gaps and expanding coverage at reduced cost.

Business Impact

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What Our Customer Is Saying

“The robots provide a more dependable, consistent standard of service and are saving me 46% over traditional security guards.” Security Manager for a multinational logistics company.

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