When you have the Cobalt Robot, you’re also supported by our Cobalt success team, giving you a service that combines the superhuman sensing, unwavering attention, and perfect recall of a machine with the warmth, creativity, and face-to-face human interaction of a remote specialist.

Cobalt as a service

Cobalt provides an intelligent, friendly service for facilities including offices, museums, warehouses, technology centers, and innovation centers so you can easily improve your workplace safety.

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Changing the world of security with our services

The Cobalt robot bridges the gap between guards, who are friendly and responsive but expensive and underutilized during uneventful shifts, and cameras, which are less costly and reliable, but unable to respond to any nuanced situation.

From the Incident Reports:

The robot spotted two individuals leaving the building with a large, heavy object. A Cobalt specialist was alerted and piloted the robot over to them with a friendly hello. It turned out they were employees who had accidentally burned food in a microwave; They were taking it outside to air. Our customer was concerned with data breaches, so the large object may have been a server instead of an innocuous microwave.

The Cobalt robot partnered with a Cobalt Specialist allows for immediate investigation and resolution of any security issue.

Protecting offices, shopping malls, warehouses, schools, museums, and more

You can rest easy knowing that a roving presence is keeping your premises secure. Your facilities are constantly monitored for anything out of the ordinary, including leaks, fire hazards, and gas fumes.

From the Incident Reports:

Cobalt robots detected a fire alarm going off on two floors of a customer’s office building. The specialist immediately called the fire department. She then had the robots resume patrolling the floors to verify that no personnel were in the office, simultaneously calling the security hotline to notify them of the situation. The robots completed their patrols, and eventually the lights stopped flashing and a voice on the PA system notified occupants that the alarm had been resolved.

Cobalt is able to maintain a presence, even during high-risk situations, to resolve issues safely without exposing a human to danger.

Multiplier for human capabilities

In addition to keeping offices safe, our specialists can build rapport with employees. They are great for both customer service and emergency response. Their responsiveness, improvisation, and friendliness, complement the Cobalt Robot to help keep facilities and personnel secure.

From the Incident Reports:

During a routine patrol, the Cobalt robot saw an employee slip on tile and fall. After checking in with the employee, the specialist then filed a ticket, to inform the company that a fall had happened at the office. Luckily, the employee was not injured, but if they had been, the Cobalt robot could have alerted emergency personnel.

Cobalt robots are a friendly and efficient security presence, providing a resource for employees who would otherwise be alone during off-peak hours.

Real Solutions

Cobalt Robotics builds intelligent robots supported by an integrated service that both protects and interacts seamlessly with people in the workplace and uses cutting-edge algorithms to detect anomalies such as open doors, unauthorized people, water leaks, or suspicious sounds.

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