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Robotics Pioneers + Security Experts

Cobalt is dedicated to building cutting-edge technology that delivers practical value today. Our Leadership team reflects our commitment to building technology that is highly capable yet grounded in the real-world needs of our customers. By combining Robotics Pioneers with Security Experts, our team is uniquely positioned to deliver compelling automated solutions that will make a positive impact on the world. With a team that is one-third combat veterans, speaks over a dozen different languages, and built some of the first robots to operate in public human spaces, our commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology will allow us to bring Safety and Security programs into the modern age.

Leadership Team

Dr. Travis Deyle
Co-Founder & CEO

Travis earned his PhD in Robotics from Georgia Tech, building some of the first mobile robots to operate in homes. He was among the MIT Tech Review Top Innovators under 35 in 2015.

Erik Schluntz
Co-Founder & CTO

Named one of Forbes 30 under 30 in 2018, Erik earned an MS in electrical engineering from Harvard University and has worked on special projects for both Google[x] and SpaceX.

Mike LeBlanc
Chief Operations Officer

Prior to joining Cobalt, Mike was a Marine Corps Infantry and Intelligence Officer for ten years, serving three tours to the Middle East including two combat tours to Afghanistan. He is a graduate of Harvard Business School.

Operations Team

Comprised of more than one-third United States Combat Veterans, our operations team brings over 60 years of private and military security experience to our partnerships with customers. From assessing the unique, ground truth security needs of each customer to providing trend and pattern analysis to improve operating procedures, our operations team is with you every moment.

Our Security Analysts operate out of San Mateo and Provo, giving us operational redundancy while providing a robust talent pool to draw the most capable individuals. We conduct background checks on all our Security Analysts and have a culture that builds small-unit leaders to engage at the lowest level, driving real time decision making without needing to wait for escalation.

Engineering Team

Led by the technological expertise of our Co-Founders, our engineering team brings over 40 years of robotics experience to our partnerships with customers. Our engineers have worked on advanced robotics projects in the nations leading research laboratories and private companies, including contributions to the early version of ROS at Willow Garage. They have built some of the first robots that are capable of shaving elderly faces, performing RFID cloud-analytics, and autonomously traversing doors and elevators.

Our Engineering team operates in the heart of Silicon Valley, giving us access to some of the brightest, most-capable roboticists in the world. We compliment these robotics engineers with software and hardware engineers with decades of experience in Enterprise Software, Consumer Electronics, and Cybersecurity to create the most robust platform in service robotics for our customers.


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