Are there any privacy concerns with a Cobalt robot in the office?
Privacy is a critical consideration in our design and deployment strategy. A Cobalt Pilot will only see images if there’s a security concern and they need to investigate further, and recorded video remains on the robot unless a security event takes place. Unlike many security camera systems, strict logs of what data is viewed and by whom are retained. We also create a culture of trust by making Cobalt part of the team. For example, employees often name their Cobalt robots, as employees view them as keeping their office safe.

Is this hard to implement and does it provide the security documentation needed?
Cobalt provides a comprehensive service that takes care of the implementation for you. With the robot on your guest wifi we can have Cobalt running in a few days. Once installed, Cobalt provides continuous security coverage that you don’t need to monitor. Additionally, we have a human pilot dedicated to your company 24/7 to help overcome any obstacles.

Is this expensive? We can barely afford to pay our security guard service as it is.
A fleet of Cobalt robots cost significantly less than human guards and is comparable to a team of extremely competent guards with super-human capabilities and omnipresent situational awareness.

Do you have to involve a guard staffing company to get started with Cobalt? No, while Cobalt can work with any guard vendor you currently have, we can also work directly with your head of security.

Will it be able to go through doors or elevators?
We can integrate the robot wirelessly with the elevators and automatic doors in the newest buildings. The next version of our robot will be able to use elevators (and maybe even doors) by itself!

How will you respond if a robot breaks?
We can fix most problems remotely through our backup connection, but if needed a Cobalt Technician will quickly deliver a spare robot to our client’s location and swap the original out for repair at our office.

Does the robot shut down when it’s charging – is it really continuous coverage?
Even when it’s recharging, the robot is looking out and listening for unusual activity, just like a guard staffing the front desk. After a quick 15 minute fill up, it gets back to patrolling.