Frequently Asked Questions2018-03-19T21:58:57+00:00
Is this hard to implement and does it provide the security documentation needed?2018-03-19T21:33:26+00:00

Cobalt provides a comprehensive service that takes care of the implementation for you. With the robot on your guest wifi we can have Cobalt running in a few days. Once installed, Cobalt provides continuous security coverage that you don’t need to monitor. Additionally, we have a human pilot dedicated to your company 24/7 to help overcome any obstacles.

Are there any privacy concerns with a Cobalt robot in the office?2018-03-19T21:32:22+00:00

Privacy is a critical consideration in our design and deployment strategy. A Cobalt Pilot will only see images if there’s a security concern and they need to investigate further, and recorded video remains on the robot unless a security event takes place. Unlike many security camera systems, strict logs of what data is viewed and by whom are retained. We also create a culture of trust by making Cobalt part of the team. For example, employees often name their Cobalt robots, as employees view them as keeping their office safe.