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Deploys robots anywhere in the USA within 72 hours

Cobalt’s operational expertise makes the security implementation process seamless. Our dedicated deployment teams are strategically positioned throughout the United States to support efficient, painless installations. Our rigorous and time-tested deployment processes ensure that we get our services up and running quickly and provide immediate value to your organization.

Implementing Cobalt’s security service is painless, fast & scalable



We begin by arranging live demonstrations of the entire Cobalt Service for you and your team. This can be done at one of our regional offices, on-site at your campus, or remotely through a video call.



One of our security consultants will conduct a thorough, in-person site-assessment with your security leaders. During this time, we’ll dig deep into the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture, learn the detailed requirements of each of your posts, and discuss specific use-cases where our service can add value to your program. Based on this information, our security consultants will create a detailed proposal that communicates the purpose and intent of partnering with Cobalt.



With years of experience navigating hundreds of organizations through the contracting process, our security consultants are here to help do as much of the homework for you as possible. We will work with you to understand how to best navigate your organization and tailor our approach to ensure success. With our thorough documentation and SOC2 Type II Cybersecurity certifications, we’ll help enable a seamless internal review process.


Mapping & Configuration

We begin the installation by connecting the robots to your wifi network, which occasionally requires whitelist access from IT. We then find an appropriate charging dock location, usually an ingress/egress point with access to a standard 110V outlet. Once the unit is set up, a Cobalt representative will drive the robot around each floor of the facility during low-traffic hours to create a custom map of the environment. We’ll then render the maps off-site and create a number of randomized patrol routes for each robot.


Post Orders & Integrations

One of our security consultants will develop an evolving set of post-orders, which will be used to govern data collection and information flow. Patrol point objectives will be built-into robot patrols based on these post-orders. At this point, we’ll start working on door, elevator, and access-control integrations. Since some of those integrations take more time, we typically begin routine patrols immediately and work them in parallel.

Cobalt’s Continuous Improvement Process

Each partnership also includes a dedicated Cobalt Security Consultant. Their primary purpose is to deeply understand your organizational needs to cater our service to be most valuable to you. They will work closely with your team to understand how you view and respond to threats, collect and analyze data over time, and drive behavioral change in your organization. The result is a stronger, more integrated Safety and Security program.

Security Preparation

A Cobalt Security Consultant will work with your team to perform a detailed site-assessment: understanding how you view your threats, preventive measures in place, and planned responses when action needs to be taken.

Problem Framing

We identify security goals, when and where changes must be made, most importantly, why. This allows your team on how best to utilize the data we will provide. As your security situation constantly evolves, we respond by continuously reframe the problem.

Post Order Development

Post Orders develop detailed steps for what we will collect and report on during patrols. Our machine learning is driven by a series of “If this, then that” statements. For example, if we detect an open perimeter door, then call your SOC immediately. Our team will work with you to draft a detailed list of possible anomalies and subsequent actions to be taken, ensuring clear information flow and fast response times.

Establishing a Baseline

During the first week of patrols, our machine learning will be training in your space, defining what is normal and what should be considered an anomaly. Rather than growing complacent over time, the data we collect is constantly improving and giving you a more complete picture of the threats you face and the actions you can take to prevent them.

Transition and Expansion

The purpose of Cobalt’s service is to enhance your SOC’s ability to make sound and timely decisions. Once our robots are properly patrolling your space and have integrated with your team, we will work with you to help better understand how to utilize the guards you have, elevating their work to provide you with a better security program.