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Cobalt provides an immediate return on investment & enables scalability on a flat budget.

With Cobalt, you pay a flat hourly rate for the hours of coverage you need. That covers operation, maintenance, and access to a platform that expands beyond the borders of security and into the realm of environmental health and safety, facility maintenance, and even concierge/reception services. Our average hourly rate of $15-$20/hour comes with no hidden fees and is associated only with the hours that our products are actively monitoring your space.


Find out how much Cobalt can save you:

Current Security Guard Hour Requirement
Security Guard Hourly Wage
# dollars per hour
Hours of Coverage / Month
# of posts covered 24 hours & 365 days per year
Proposed Cobalt Integration
I want to use Cobalt Products for:
Hours of Coverage / Month replaced by Robots
Hours of Coverage / Month replaced by Guards
Cobalt Hourly Rate
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Current Solution
Security Guard
Monthly Costs
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Integration With Cobalt
Security Guard
Cobalt Robot
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Monthly savings with Cobalt
Yearly savings with Cobalt
Additional cost savings
Less Equipment
From video to sensors, Cobalt lets you cover more ground from more angles.
Lower repair costs
Identify water leaks and other costly facilities issues before serious damage occurs.
Streamline operations
Use Cobalt data to drive operational and environmental efficiencies.
Disclaimer: Currency is in USD. Numbers displayed are estimates. Actual savings may vary based on customer site specifics.


Consistent Value

Security officer costs can vary with turnover, insurance premiums, labor laws, and cost of living expenses. With Cobalt, your price never changes.


No Hidden Fees

With Cobalt, everything is transparent and obvious in our pricing: there are no hidden fees, no replacement costs, and no variable pricing.

Traditional Physical Security Coverage is Plagued with Liability

With Cobalt, our clients are exposed to minimal risk at an affordable price, with the value of being designed and operated by security industry professionals with decades of experience. We provide you with security consultations, threat and risk analysis, and report data and trends that allow you to make real-time, simple decisions about problems you may not have known you even had.

According to the Department of Labor, security guards are exposed to increased levels of risk in comparison to other professions. Court rulings have proven that even while contracting out security guards, employers are often held vicariously liable for their actions. By remaining consistently objective and never physically engaging, Cobalt’s robots directly lower your exposure risk while providing the security coverage you need.



Cobalt’s Services deliver positive Business Outcomes

Reduce operating costs of
Physical Security

Level-up your
best Officers

Discover and resolve
unknown threat gaps

Obtain visibility
across all your sites

Make data-driven
business decisions

Drive behavioral change
in your organization

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