Our Technology


AI and Machine Learning

Our robots have exceptional computational power, which lets them run the latest in AI and machine learning algorithms: computer vision, mapping, path planning, and anomaly detection.


Full Service

Cobalt’s product is low friction. Robots recharge themselves as needed, and software updates are pushed via the cloud. Using self-diagnostics, robots automatically detect service or maintenance-related issues and notify Cobalt personnel. 


Human-Robot Interaction

Our robots include a touchscreen display to video chat with pilots and provide user input, a LED ring to signal robot intention, and a directional microphone array for clear communication.


Mapping and Sensing

Cobalt robots navigate around your building autonomously and learn the normal state of your premises including doors, windows, and other environmental conditions. Robots can also generate 3D maps of sensor data such as wifi signal strength and temperature.


60+ Sensors

Our robots are loaded with sensors, including 360º day-night cameras, thermal cameras, point cloud cameras, laser scanners, a directional microphone array, long-range RFID, a badge reader, and environmental sensors including carbon monoxide and smoke detectors.



Cobalt’s founders have a long history of building safety-critical systems. CTO Erik Schluntz worked on safety engineering at SpaceX, and CEO Dr. Travis Deyle worked on building home robots before joining GoogleX. We use redundant sensors, state of the art algorithms, and powerful perception to make our robots safer.