Intelligent + Safe + Efficient


Predictive Security with A Human Touch

AI & Machine Learning

Robots use cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms to detect and flag anomalies such as people, motion, audio, and spills.


The robot has 3 high-quality wifi antennas and a cellular backup, though the robot can continue autonomously through areas with no connection.

Cameras & Sensors

Each robot has super-human sensors with perfect recall and a logged / auditable history of where it was and what it saw. Cobalt leverages aerospace level safety and reliability including 4 unique sensors to avoid obstacles or fall off an edge, such as a step. 

Continuous Coverage

We provide full-service, uninterrupted security coverage. Robots recharge when necessary while still actively watching and listening for security events.


Robots can telepresence in a person to provide high-level guidance and face-to-face interaction.


Robots are capable of moving at a running speed in emergencies, but usually patrol at a casual walking speed, being especially cautious around people, doors, and corners.

Each Robot stands at 5'1"

Human-sized for Better Interaction

Cobalt Secures Your Business
Protecting your personnel and property

Robots patrol with unwavering attention and perfect recall, looking for anomalies and detecting changes

Which provides comprehensive situational awareness so your security doesn’t have gaps in coverage

Making it cost effective for you to provide a full-time security presence

Intruder and Anomaly Detection
Robots use super-human sensors and cutting-edge algorithms in AI, machine learning, & robotics to:

Detect anomalies, such as unidentified people, unusual sounds, spills & leaks, and many more.

Respond automatically. For example, the robot can approach a person and identify them via the robot-mounted badge reader.

Notify a human specialist, who can then have 2-way video chats with personnel through the robot (i.e. telepresence).

Specialists Help Enhance Your Security Brand
Robots autonomously patrol 95% of the time. When they detect an anomaly, they notify a specialist helping you by:

Responding to situations in real-time, just like one of your guards.

Proactively communicating with personnel in the space via video chat. 

Using badge reading capabilities to confirm identity and prevent tailgating or unauthorized access.

Rigorously implementing your security policies and post orders.

Meeting your performance standards through continuous training. 

Delivering daily activity and incidents reports to your team.


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