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Cobalt’s complete solution supports your return to work in alignment with CDC guidance

With COVID’s sudden onset, companies have scrambled to implement disjointed solutions from many different vendors. Despite these short term changes, the “new normal” requires a long term strategy. Cobalt provides a complete solution, delivering weekly reports that allow you to understand and drive behavioral change. The Cobalt robot conducts temperature screenings with a built-in thermal camera, utilizes machine learning models to identify face coverings and other forms of PPE, and applies computer vision technology to monitor for social distancing. Our expertise in operational security has allowed our Fortune 500 customers to feel confident investing in their people’s safety.

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Return to work temperature screening options comparison chart

Temperature screening in less then six seconds

Cobalt’s system combines a high-end FLIR camera with a thermal black body to screen your employees, guests, and visitors for elevated skin temperatures with accuracy under 1° F. Unlike other solutions, the Cobalt solution captures temperature from tear ducts, the most reliable proxy for internal body temperature. Our unique design guides individuals through the proper screening steps without further exposing them to the spread of COVID-19. The Cobalt solution integrates with your protocols and performs within the constraints of your privacy policies.

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PPE enforcement based on your policies

Studies have shown that personal protective equipment can greatly reduce the rate of transmission. However, it is only as effective as people’s willingness to wear it. Utilizing advanced machine learning algorithms, Cobalt’s robots move about your space, identifying individuals not following company policy. Leveraging Cobalt’s unique two way video and audio communication platform, our specialists gently remind your workers of the need to wear PPE, for their safety and others.

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Contactless promotion of social distancing

Cobalt robots don’t get sick and won’t spread illness, allowing people in your space to interact safely with one of our 24/7 specialists. Our platform allows you to promote social distancing while maintaining human interaction. For example, in healthcare facilities and senior living environments, Cobalt is assisting staff in politely reminding groups of people that they are introducing risk by being together and asking them to maintain social distancing guidelines.

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We only retain the information you ask us to

We understand health privacy concerns and have developed best in class methods to address them. Cobalt is SOC2 Type II certified and has best-practices in compliance with GDPR, CCPA, POPIA, and HIPAA. Our security principles and practices are designed around three core pillars —Data, People, and Process— all with the purpose of safeguarding customer data and providing reliable, secure services.

Seals and graphics showing SOC 2 Type II certification and HIPAA, POPIA, GDPR, and CCPA readiness

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Increase Secure Coverage

Over 50% of Cobalt’s current customers have expanded their hours of coverage since COVID-19 came to US

Safer Secure Monitoring

Easily view the robot’s live video feeds from home computer or mobile device

Around the Clock Protection

We offer 24-7 coverage for your facility to help throughout the crisis

Protection Where You Need It

Point and click on a map of your space from home to immediately dispatch the robot where you need it


Cobalt's operational footprint includes nine locations from coast to coast


With employees increasingly working from home, leaks and spills are damaging floors and equipment, appliances are being left on, and personnel are conducting fewer checks on the environment, health, and safety of your space. Cobalt’s robots can be programmed to spot these issues before they become a problem, giving you fewer surprises and preventing potential damage.

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While COVID-19 has changed life for most Americans, criminal activity has gone on undeterred. Bad actors understand that offices, warehouses, and public spaces have fewer employees working, leaving spaces vulnerable to an increase in theft. Cobalt acts as a deterrent to these thefts, while being able to badge challenge anyone we observe in your space.

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With fewer eyes ensuring that white boards have been cleared, computers have been locked, and important documents have not been left in the printer, companies are seeing an increased risk of their IP being stolen. Cobalt can be directed to spot all these anomalies to ensure that you are not more vulnerable than you would be on any other day.

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