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Cobalt offers better security services at reduced risk & cost

Employing security officers involves complex considerations related to liability risks, administrative burdens, and fluctuating costs over time. As a result, many organizations build out their physical security programs haphazardly without truly understanding the risk and cost implications. Cobalt’s security services remove the onus of oversight by minimizing your liability risk, operating at a low flat rate, and providing value-added coverage only achievable with cutting-edge technology.

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Minimize Risk

Cobalt Robots minimize your
exposure to liability risk.
By nature, robots are
non-discriminatory and perform
their duties exactly as they are programmed.

Low, flat rate

Our services come at a flat rate,
and are almost always lower than what you would pay for contracted security. Additionally, there are no workers compensation costs associated with our robots.

Bang for your buck

Superhuman-sensing, perfect recall, world-class security consulting and analysis experts, and concierge services are all part of the Cobalt package.


Outsourcing Guard Services often reduces operational overhead and distributes risk and liability. Though widely accepted in the industry today, contracted security services are plagued with high employee turnover and fluctuating hidden fees. When an incident occurs, the client often still shares the responsibility of the contracted guard’s actions. With a contracting agency in the middle, clients are often left without much disciplinary power to keep their liability risk under control. What Security Directors are left with is a solution that, while needing less management overhead, is plagued with risk and cost. By leveraging the perfect combination of humans and technology, Cobalt’s security services are designed to minimize your liability risk and consistently save you money over time.