The Cobalt Command Center provides access to highly-trained analysts that partner with your team to monitor your spaces 24/7/365, uncover your vulnerabilities, and improve your security posture over time. As the robot patrols your space, it detects and escalates anomalies to our analysts, who combine human judgement with their security and intelligence training along with customer-specific requirements to quickly escalate and resolve the incident.

Your Cobalt Customer Success Manager (CSM) is your solutions partner. Backed by decades of military
and physical security experience, we leverage lessons learned the hard way to improve your
sites securities and proactively avoid costly mistakes.

24/7/365 SUPPORT

Our Security Analysts operate out of Irvine and Provo, giving us operational redundancy while providing a robust talent pool to draw the most capable individuals. We conduct background checks on all our Security Analysts and have a culture that builds small-unit leaders to engage at the lowest level, driving real time decision making without needing to wait for escalation. Our Security Analysts are trained, managed, and supervised by former military intelligence personnel. Receiving training via classroom instruction, written exams, and role play scenarios, they have immense experience prior to their first time in the seat.

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